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Carenero Superior
Icoa redefines world standards of excellence for white chocolate. Pure and fragrant - Icoa is made only with cacao butter which accounts for about 55% of the cacao beans composition and ergo, carries in it much cacao flavor and aroma.
The name, "Icoa", is taken from an Indian goddess adored by the native Indian tribes for her beauty, purity and the belief that she had a white soul. After her death crossing Lake Maracaibo to marry a chieftain of another tribe on the other side, she became a goddess and protector of those who travel by rivers and lakes.
Cacao / *Butter *34%
Sugar   37%
Dry Whole Milk & Skim Milk   28.5%
Fat (+/-0.5%)   37.8%
Calories (100 gr./3.5 oz.)   575
Fineness (Microns)   15
Filling • Mousse • Ganache • Glazes • Sauces •
Ice Cream • Sorbets • Molding • Enrobing
Ideal Storage
Best Room
Working Range
Cooling / Pre-Crystallization
16-18 / 61-66
20-22 / 68-72
30-32 / 86-90
40-42 / 104-107
27-28 / 81-83