Chocolates El Rey
Born in Venezuela, Growing Worldwide

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  El Rey Cacao Nibs



5 ounces glucose

7 ounces sugar

6 ounces El Rey Cacao Nibs, slightly warmed


Chocolates El Rey




Heat glucose in a saucepan and


begin to add the sugar gradually, stirring with a wooden spoon and allowing the sugar to melt after each addition.

Cook to at least a light caramel. When you have the color you like, add slightly warmed nibs all at once and stir with a wooden spoon to combine.

Pour onto a silpat, place another silpat on top and roll out nougatine thinly between these two silpats. (Note: Be careful not to burn your hand by pressing the nougatine outside the edges of the silpats).

Cut out or shape as you would any nougatine using metal cutters or a chef's knife.

Leftover pieces can be re-warmed in the microwave or ground up and used as a crunchy filling for desserts.



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